Enza Zaden in ... the Netherlands


Enza Zaden in ... the Netherlands

Enza Zaden Netherlands

Enkhuizen, Westland & Voorst

Enza Zaden’s head office is located in the Dutch town of Enkhuizen. The company was established here under the name of ‘De Enkhuizer Zaadwinkel’ by Jacob Mazereeuw in 1938. At the present, 650 of the, in total, 1,700 Enza Zaden employees work in Enkhuizen. Sales, marketing, logistics and breeding activities are all centred in Enkhuizen. Eight hectares of hyper-modern research greenhouses and various laboratories are dedicated to breeding.

Seed Operations

Our vegetable seeds are grown all over the world, including in the Netherlands. Post-harvest, many of these seeds are transported to Enkhuizen to the recently constructed Santsloot building that covers an area of no less than one hectare. In this building our Seed Operations department has all the space and equipment it needs to process our vegetable seeds into the ideal seed: easy to sow and high yielding! We clean, sort and disinfect the seeds. And we pack them, inspect them for quality and store them - ready to be dispatched to our customers.

Demo greenhouse

The Enza Zaden demo greenhouse for tomatoes is located in the Westland region, in ’s-Gravenzande. Westland is home to one of the major concentrations of greenhouse grown vegetables in the Netherlands. We welcome national and international visitors to our demo greenhouse to show them our huge range of new and existing varieties of tomatoes. And to exchange ideas about the latest developments in the market and the supply chain. During the annual House Fair in June, the latest sweet pepper, cucumber and aubergine varieties are also on display alongside the tomatoes.

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Take a look at the website of Enza Zaden the Netherlands.

Vitalis Organic Seeds

Safe and healthy food is gaining in importance for ever-larger numbers of people all over the world. The demand for organically grown vegetables is rising enormously. Our subsidiary Vitalis Organic Seeds in Voorst is a 100% organic vegetable-breeding company focusing on professional organic growers.

Vitalis supplies a wide range of organic vegetable seeds all over the world. The certified-organic seeds are all grown and processed under strict organic conditions. The organic mission of Vitalis and the innovative power of Enza Zaden combine to create the best of both worlds.

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Take a look at the Vitalis website.

Seed Valley – a smart way to grow

The Dutch region in which Enza Zaden has its head office is also known as ‘Seed Valley’. This region of the Netherlands is located between the towns of Enkhuizen and Warmenhuizen in the province of Noord-Holland.

And has traditionally been home to many companies specialising in the breeding, production and sale of seeds. Enza Zaden is one of the founders of Stichting Seed Valley. This foundation aims to raise the general public's awareness of our growing, flourishing seed industry.

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Take a look at the SeedValley website.