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Pump it up

The pumpkin, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family and also known as winter squash, has become an important crop within the Enza Zaden assortment. There is a widely increase in interest in the consumer market for this fast growing crop.

Broad assortment

At Enza Zaden we do have a broad assortment within various types, such as the red type, now popular throughout Europe, and southern hemisphere types such as the Kents and Greys. Within the red pumpkin type, our breeding takes place at our organic facilities at Vitalis. Within this segment we are focusing on long storability without forgetting our current strengths such as yield, disease tolerance and great taste.

Our Butternut, Kent and Grey programs take place in various places such as Australia, New Zealand and France. From there all of our material is trialled in major growing areas in cooperation with growers whereby we can obtain valuable information to improve our genetics.

Our pumpkin types

Red pumpkin
Grey pumpkin
Kent pumpkin
Musque de Provence / Kabocha / Tetsukabuto / Green (smooth and warted)

Information about our varieties

For information about our wide range of varieties, please take a look at our local websites (SpainItalyMexicoGermanyFranceUSAUKMoroccoBrazilRussiaThe Netherlands) or contact your local Enza Zaden representative.