Radicchio varieties


Radicchio varieties

Rosso Rubino

Radicchio is a wild vegetable that is grown in the garden and in the small Orti of the Veneto region, in North Italy. It is an important ingredient in many processing companies, but still maintains important in Italy within the fresh market. It is characterized with a bitter taste that changes with the season, and after being stored. A period of coldness will decrease the bitterness.


The types come from a selection done by the growers from Castelfranco variegato. Many types are regionally protected, and therefore the more common names of Chioggia and Treviso, are only used for product coming from their original area. Enza Zaden originally started with Giove and Ercole. These are medium long varieties mainly used for the fresh market, and in combination with the midi cos in duo packages. 

Enza Zaden's breeding has evolved and developed round radicchio and Pan di Zucchero, a green elongated variety well known in Italy for its long shelf life and high yield.

Information about our varieties

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