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Your best radish starts with us

What makes a radish perfect?

That depends on who you ask. Growers, retailers and consumers will all answer slightly differently. Although there is also one overarching answer here: that perfection has already started at Enza Zaden for twenty years.

Strong radish portfolio 

We offer a strong product portfolio of red round radish types for all segments. Our varieties stand out in bulb colour, bulb quality and shelf life and have very strong downy mildew resistance. 

Our radish breeding programme

Did you know that our radish breeding station in Germany is located at the heart of the largest radish growing area in western Europe?


Radish seed production

Our dedicated seed production team makes it possible that we produce the seeds to grow these lovely red bulbs.


Great logistics

See you when we get there! Getting the best radish seed to our customers wouldn’t be possible without good logistics.


Customer connection

Our customers are involved in our product development. Together we grow (the best radish varieties)!
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Contact our radish team
Please contact your local sales representative for more information about our radish varieties.