Spreading our wings


Spreading our wings

Truss tomato

1995 - now

1995 was the year in which we introduced the flavoursome Campari, Enza Zaden’s answer to the German market’s demand for great tasting tomatoes. Campari was, and still is, a huge success under the brand name ‘Tasty Tom’. Many more brands followed, such as the prize-winning tomato variety of our brand TomAzur® and pointed sweet pepper varieties of our Tribelli® brand. 

Vitalis Organic Seeds

In 1998 Enza Zaden acquired a majority share in Vitalis. Vitalis is a 100% organic vegetable-breeding company focusing on professional organic growers. The organic mission of Vitalis and the innovative power of Enza Zaden combine to create the best of both worlds.

More expansion

In 2000 Enza Zaden acquired a leading position in the extensive lettuce market in the United States by taking over Coastal Seeds, a company specialising in lettuce. Three years later we also took over a breeding station and an onion programme of Yates in Australia, making us an onion specialist and prompting the establishment of Enza Zaden Australia. 

Production station Tanzania

That same year, 2003, also saw the establishment of Enza Zaden Africa in Tanzania. This production station’s location at a high altitude on the equator enables it to produce hybrid seeds in year-round production cycles.