Love every leaf


Love every leaf

Tribelli mood

The bigger pepper picture

To successfully introduce a new variety, the quality of the newcomer alone is not enough. Growers, traders, retailers, and, of course, consumers also have to love it. If all parties in the chain work together and are enthusiastic, the innovation will be welcomed with open arms.

Flavour bombs

That is how it went with Tribelli's sweet peppers. From our breeding programme for sweet conical peppers, three brightly coloured flavour bombs appeared. Slightly smaller than usual but full of flavour and vitamins.


Fascinated about these three coloured, flavorful peppers, our team hit the road with their Sweet Pepper Powerhouse. They conducted cultivation trials and talked to numerous producers and players of the chain all over Europe. In the end, other enthusiasts and potential partners were lining up to choose from. They made their choice carefully and were able to go wild with the new exclusive brand: Tribelli.

Big picture, significant heroes

We worked shoulder to shoulder with our partners to bring surprising recipes and fun pepper tips, resulting in Tribelli peppers exceeding the expectations of European consumers. Bringing surprising recipes and fun pepper tips, Tribelli peppers exceeded the expectations of European consumers. And how about a few years later? We dare to say Tribelli's is a success. Our passionate breeding team worked towards a new range of Tribelli: keeping all the good, flavour, taste, colour, and nutrients, they widened the Tribelli's portfolio by incorporating new calibres into the family. Tribelli peppers are now available in multiple sizes, allowing everybody, from producers to consumers, a sweet, versatile, and healthy experience!