Tribelli, the original sweet experience



tribelli®, sweet sweet Life!

tribelli® is the portfolio of sweet conical peppers by Enza Zaden, offering more than 30 varieties adapted for both heated and non-heated crops. These varieties come in different resistances, sizes, and colors, ensuring a year-round supply for everyone to enjoy a sweet, versatile, and healthy experience.

tribelli® peppers add value throughout the entire supply chain: for producers, they offer varieties tailored to various crop cycles; for traders and retailers, they provide a wide assortment in calibers, sizes, and colors and extended shelf-life; and for consumers, they guarantee sweetness and high quality.

In terms of taste and sweetness, all tribelli® varieties are selected based on strict requirements, with all varieties offering more than 8º Brix, and some reaching up to 11º Brix. Another key characteristic of tribelli® is versatility. These peppers can be marketed in various packaging formats due to the different calibers, sizes, and colors offered. Additionally, tribelli® peppers have excellent shelf life, staying fresher for longer compared to market standards, thus reducing food waste, and increasing marketability.

The consumption of peppers grows every year, and just like in other categories within fruits and vegetables, pepper consumers are also diversifying and seeking new options to meet their culinary needs. And it is here where products such as sweet conical peppers, like tribelli®, bring a difference in sweetness, versatility, and convenience. 

"Sweetness, versatility, and incredible health benefits – that's what tribelli® peppers offer to consumers," said Giuseppina Inturrisi, Marketing Specialist of the Tribelli® team.

Moreover, tribelli® peppers are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, making them not only enjoyable to eat but also an excellent ingredient for a healthy diet. Their remarkable versatility and distinct sweetness allow for various cooking methods, from traditional to innovative, and from savory dishes to desserts.


Giuseppina Inturrisi -