Healthy future


Healthy future

And now?

Today, Enza Zaden is a strong, independent global company with 45 branches in 25 countries. A company that constantly invests in people, research, breeding, innovation and entrepreneurship. An example of this is the Enza Academy, our internal training institute offering young talented employees and managers tailor-made training courses to promote their further development and international cooperation.

Family working in the company

Since 2011 Jaap, of the third generation of the Mazereeuw family, has been Enza Zaden’s Managing Director. His sister Annet also works for our company. Piet Mazereeuw is still closely involved in our business as a member of the Supervisory Board. 

A strong, healthy family company

In 2016 Enza Zaden won the Award for the Best Family Business in the Netherlands. "Enza Zaden ranks among the top global companies in its field of activity," the jury wrote in its report. 
Jaap Mazereeuw: “We will remain independent and continue to follow our own course as a family business. We have sound financial foundations and an average annual growth of 9%. Together with our employees we work on a healthy future worldwide – both literally and figuratively speaking.”