Tribelli, the original sweet experience



The original sweet experience

Our Tribelli® brand represents sweet peppers for both snacking purposes and cooking delicious meals. Multi-coloured, sweet, conical shaped peppers in red, orange and yellow. All three colours are presented in a single package. The following varieties of Tribelli®  are currently available: Tribelli® Mini, Tribelli® XL and Tribelli® Organic.

Consumers' perspective

Marie Carmen Manjón, Account Manager of Enza Zaden Spain: “Our consumers' perspective is what guides us in the development of our concepts. What are they looking for? What do they need? We are continuing to develop new concepts under the Tribelli®  brand that fulfil these needs. Our mini peppers are perfect for snacking, our longer conical shaped peppers are ideal for delicious recipes and the organic variety responds to consumers' need for sustainable food.”

“For us, Enza Zaden means trust and guarantees”


Tribelli® is produced and distributed by Agroiris. Javier Diaz, Sales Manager at Agroiris: “For us, Enza Zaden means trust and guarantees. We can win a better position in our customers’ minds, purely because Enza Zaden is behind the Tribelli® brand. The way Enza Zaden cooperates with other parties and develops concepts is something the whole chain benefits from.”

Contact details

Mari Carmen Manjón
Account Manager
T: +34 606 056 485