Sponsoring and donations


Sponsoring and donations

Sponsoring and donations

What do we sponsor and what do we donate to?

We receive numerous requests for sponsoring and donations. For a huge variety of good causes. Our choices are made based on our sponsor and donation policy. Which projects reflect our company, and which ones do we want to sponsor? The same applies to donations - which projects are we willing to donate to?

Enza Zaden sponsors projects that promote a healthy eating pattern and a healthy lifestyle. We also focus on improving people´s standard of living. All over the world. We also support local projects that are directly linked to healthy food, a healthy lifestyle and/or our sector.

Worldwide sponsoring and donations

Enza Zaden has a dedicated team of employees that concentrates on improving the living standards of our fellow citizens - for example, farmers in developing nations. This Corporate Social Development team sees where in the world our help is most needed. And where we can really make a difference. In the most practical way. By deploying our resources and expertise, we increase vegetable production. And ultimately we increase the living standard of the local farming community. We support small-scale and medium-sized projects such as Fair Planet in Ethiopia, the Yayasan Foundation in Indonesia and the Enza Zaden Sengerema project in Tanzania.

Local sponsoring and donations

We also sponsor local activities. One of these is the Enza Zaden School Garden project in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. We are the main sponsor of the project. We also present the annual Enza Zaden Award to the biology teacher who has developed the best plant biology lessons. Our breeding sector is in great need of young people with an education in plant sciences. An interest in this discipline all starts of course with interesting plant biology lessons.


Under the banner enzActive we develop and sponsor healthy, sporting activities all over the world. These involve both nutrition and sports. The sports we concentrate on are walking and running, cycling (racing and mountain bikes), in-line skating and skating.   In the Netherlands, we are the main sponsor of the Enza Zaden Vooroeverloop running event. And we also sponsor our employee, marathon runner Ambroise Uwiragiye (Uwi), a participant at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.

In Spain we sponsor a mountain bike team representing a business relation by providing enzActive clothing. Our German branch took part in the Company Cup event. From Enza Zaden in Germany, 22 employees ran or walked to raise money for charity wearing enzActive clothing. And we also sponsor a cycling and mountain bike club in Tarquinia, Italy.

We also organise enzActive activities for our own employees. These include running training, in-line skating and skating clinics, walking training, mountain bike clinics, cycle tours and long distance running competitions. And we naturally offer a varied and healthy menu in our company restaurants.

Request for sponsorship or a donation?

Please state briefly and clearly the details of the sponsorship or request for a donation. Also mention why you think our company is suitable to provide this resource. Email your application to us and we will answer your request as soon as possible.