This is Enza Zaden


In Russia Enza Zaden has a commercial subsidiary in Moscow called Enza Semena. Both protected and outdoor crops are of great importance in Russia. Tomato, cucumber, radish, sweet pepper and squash are the main crops. We are very active in beef tomato, pickling cucumber for production in plastic tunnels and blocky/conical peppers for outdoor cultivation. We also develop beef tomato and midi/pickling cucumbers for the heated greenhouse segment. 

Key production region for tunnel and some outdoor crops is the south of Russia. Heated greenhouses are to be found all over Russia near large cities. They were built during Soviet times and are currently being modernised. There are also government plans to substantially increase greenhouse area in Russia by 2024. Most of the new greenhouse projects will also be realised in the south of the country.

Enza Semena has a network of official regional distributors in different parts of Russia. Our local area and technical managers work closely together with them by involving them in trial organisation, Field Days, seminars, grower visits, advertising, etc.

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