HREZ wins SIVAL Gold medal 2024

22 prosinca 2023 Novosti

HREZ wins SIVAL Gold medal 2024

Prestigious gold medal for HREZ

We are proud to announce a momentous achievement for Enza Zaden – our innovative project "High Resistance by Enza Zaden" (HREZ) has been awarded the prestigious SIVAL gold medal for 2024 in the category “Varietal Innovation”. This award is a testament to our collective passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence in vegetable breeding.

HREZ has been recognized by a jury of French professionals for its groundbreaking approach in combating the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV), exemplifying our leadership in developing sustainable and effective solutions for the agricultural industry.

Let's celebrate this remarkable achievement and continue to drive innovation in vegetable breeding for a sustainable future in agriculture. Join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone at the SIVAL event in Angers from January 16 to 18, 2024.