Lewis Lydon has been awarded the 2018 Reg Miller Award

21 listopada 2018 Novosti

2018 Reg Miller Award for Lewis Lydon

Highest Australian honour

On 19 October Lewis Lydon, our Onion Crop Breeding Manager, based in Australia, has been awarded the 2018 Reg Miller Award by Onions Australia. Open to anyone passionate about the industry, the award recognises people who have made outstanding contributions to the Australian onion industry. This award is the country's onion industry's highest honour.

Passionate about onions

Lewis has been breeding onions for more than 25 years and transformed the Short Day onion market in the country by introducing high producing hybrids with much better quality than the original open-pollinated varieties. He joined our company in 2003 when Yates Vegetable Seed became part of Enza Zaden. He has since then been breeding onions for the rest of the world.