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Discovery Field Days 2024

Welcome to our Discovery Field Days! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming series of four events designed specifically for growers, distributors and food value chain. Our Discovery Field Days offer a unique opportunity to explore our diverse portfolio of vegetable crops first-hand and engage in meaningful conversations about the latest industry trends.

Mark your calendars for these exciting days:

Allonnes, France - 05 September

Field Day Dannstadt-Schauernheim, Germany - 12 September

Field Days Twisk, Netherlands - 24-27 September

Vitalis Voorst, Netherlands - 24-27 September

We aim to connect with professionals like you and foster a collaborative environment. Explore our range of vegetable crops showcased on the field, providing you with a tangible experience of their quality and potential. This setting will enable you to engage directly with our breeding experts, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights.

Be a part of Enza Zaden's Discovery Field Days, where knowledge and connections thrive. Stay tuned for more details and secure your spot at our upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Come join us

Whether you are a seasoned specialist or new to the industry, Discovery Field Days is an event like no other. Our curated program of activities, speakers, and interactive exhibits will engage you in the world of breeding. Watch the video to get a glimpse into what awaits you.

Our Discovery Field Days

Battle against Bremia lactucae

Bremia lactucae (downy mildew) occurs worldwide and is a major problem for both the yield and the quality of cultivated lettuce. This downy mildew is genetically very variable and is notorious for its ability to develop new isolates or physios and bypass incrossed resistances in existing varieties. Finding a suitable resistance to Bremia lactucae is a necessity and an ongoing process. Every time a new physio emerges a new genetic answer must be found and crossed into new varieties. Of course by maintaining all the other positive characteristics a grower expects from varieties.

Bremia lactucae during the Discovery Field Days

Enza Zaden is strongly committed to breed resistant varieties that add value to the entire chain, from growers to consumers. We offer a wide range of good varieties with excellent field performance, outstanding post-harvest and high levels of Bremia resistance. However, developing a resistant variety is a complex process in which researchers and breeders work closely together.


Resistance Makes The Difference

Creating Value Together

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