Eazyleaf: easy to slice lettuces


Eazyleaf: easy to slice lettuces

Advantages for the whole chain

Eazyleaf : extremely easy to slice lettuce varieties. They are also easy to prepare. In just one slice, the plant splits into many small leaves, all equally sized. Our varieties are versatile. They are very suitable for both the processing industry and the fresh market. The latter one may sell the crop as a whole head. One of the biggest advantages of Eazyleaf is its suitability for mechanical harvesting and processing. Each step – sowing, planting, harvesting, processing – can be done mechanically.

Benefits to the whole chain 

Our Eazyleaf brand assortment offers benefits to the whole chain. It offers growers the option of complete mechanisation. Retailers get the desired shelf life and appearance. Consumers enjoy the unique taste experience these flavourful, crunchy products bring to the table.

Richard Pett, Crop Development Manager at J.E. Piccaver & Co (the largest processing grower in the UK): “The uniformity of the leaf size of Eazyleaf varieties is ideal for the prepared salad market. Especially combined with the diversity of shapes, colours, textures and tastes. A key driver in this market is shelf life. Eazyleaf also meets this criterium.”

“Each step can be done mechanically”

Continuing evolution 

Lorraine Berry, Produce Technologist at Bakkavor (the largest prepared salads processor in the UK): “Multileaf lettuce has become a core ingredient of many of our products. It is now considered to be a strategic raw material. Enza Zaden is a leading global company in the development of multi-leaf lettuce. Enza Zaden’s red Eazyleaf varieties stand out in richness and depth of colour. This is key for bagged salads. The full red colour is critical."

"But we are also interested in Enza Zaden’s green Eazyleaf range. Bakkavor looks forward to the continuing evolution of the Eazyleaf range. We also look forward to the many other new, exciting areas of innovation and development being embarked upon by Enza Zaden.”

Eazyleaf: easy to slice lettuces

  • Easy to grow
  • Easy to harvest
  • Easy to process
  • Easy to enjoy!

Everything to make sure you enjoy your lettuce...made Eazy!
Proudly brought to you by Enza Zaden

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