Corn Salad


Corn Salad

Green velvet

Corn salad is a traditional open field crop used in the wide range of leafy salads. It moved from a winter salad, grown in home gardens, to a year round produced high quality leafy vegetable. Mechanization, the good shelf life, a unique flavour and rosette plants are the distinguishable characters, honoured by all players in the market chain. Used in mixed salads, single packed or packed with nuts, red beets or other delicious products, corn salad will get the attention of more and more consumers worldwide.

New markets 

New markets like UK, Scandinavia and Spain have been developed over the last 10 years. The production surface in France has been doubled in this time. Like in France, the production area developed almost with same speed in Germany and Italy. Corn salad nowadays is a stable product in the supermarket in many countries. For more than 25 years Enza Zaden develops new corn salad varieties to fulfill the improving demands of the market. Earliness, compact rosette plant, yield and all other quality parameters are in focus to improve the product for growers and processors as well.  

Information about our varieties

For information about our wide range of varieties, please take a look at our local websites (SpainItalyMexicoGermanyFranceUSAUKMoroccoBrazilRussiaThe Netherlands) or contact your local Enza Zaden representative.