From A to Zucchini

Summer squash is an integral part of many traditional cuisines; it is used in many famous dishes. The Middle East prefers to grow them small and stuff them with meat and vegetables before cooking in the oven. In Europe people tend to cook them in slices in oven dishes or fry them with olive oil and garlic as part of a mixed salad.

Resistance breeding 

Enza Zaden works in many types of squash, from the short, white Middle Eastern types used for stuffing, to the more familiar long, dark green cylindrical types we see on the supermarket shelves in Europe and North America. Resistance breeding is an essential part of the future success of squash breeding. Without resistance to the most prevalent viruses it is impossible for the growers to have a good crop. 

Our squash types

Zucchini (various colors. For open field or protected cultures)
Winter squash (see Pumpkin)

Information about our varieties

For information about our wide range of varieties, please take a look at our local websites (SpainItalyMexicoGermanyFranceUSAUKMoroccoBrazilRussiaThe Netherlands) or contact your local Enza Zaden representative.