Наша історія

Наша історія

Незалежність і створення самобутнього профілю є двома основними цілями, які завжди мотивували три покоління Mazereeuw. Постійний фокус на людей та якість продукту. І як результат сильна, здорова глобальна компанія.

"At the end of WWII I saw the opportunity to focus on professional growers. It wasn't easy, but we succeeded with broad bean variety "Ezetha's Witkiem". Growers noticed that this variety was value-for-money and this way the trust in our company became bigger and bigger."

Jacob Mazereeuw, founder Enza Zaden

Focus on breeding: 1959 - 1984
Vegetable breeding
"The success of the tomato Extase put Enza Zaden on the map. Sales grew fast, so we could invest in well-educated personnel, breeding programs and technology."

Piet Mazereeuw, son of Jacob, Member of the Supervisory Board of Enza Zaden

International expansion as of 1985
International expansion
Spreading wings: 1995 - now
Spreading wings
"Family businesses focus on the long-term, are innovative and cost conscious and are important for employment. Our great strength is that we are not only a family business, but as business also a family."

Jaap Mazereeuw, grandson of Jacob, Managing Director Enza Zaden

Healthy future
Healthy future
“We believe that operating as an independent family business is the best way of securing our company’s continuity”

Board of Directors